Monday, January 15, 2007

Progress and Broken Glass

Work on the next RunBinary story is steaming along -- note that I said steaming and remember that steam engines aren't all that fast. It's actually turned into a more plot-driven story than I originally intended, which means that the draft is running longer and longer as I plot out the narrative. This is exactly why I rarely outline before writing. It's usually two or three pages in before I know what the story's really about. But I'm fairly happy with the results and hope that I get the bulk of it done in time to do a revision or two before February 1. I had actually hoped to get this story done early so I could have extra time with the next one, which is already a lot more involved in my head for a variety of reasons, but I guess you can't rush this stuff.

Over the weekend my wife car was broken into outside our house. Tammie has been off on a shoot all this past week (she's a film student) and she's borrowed my Element, so I'm the one stuck with the green '97 Geo Prizm with no driver-side window. That's not really true; I did get the window fixed about five hours after it happened, but the window people messed up the lock and don't have time to fix it until Saturday, so I'm still reserving the right to bitch. The thing that gets me is that whoever broke into the Prizm tried to steal the radio, but only managed to get the detachable face off. I just have no clue why you'd break into a car to steal a radio when you have absolutely no idea how to actually steal a radio. Not to mention the fact that that radio is, like six years old. You couldn't trade that thing for a week-old plate of hummus. Still, I guess it's a good thing a lot of criminals are stupid. Got to give our education system props for that, I guess.


itsacoaster said...
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itsacoaster said...

Once my car was broken into and, instead of stealing the power inverter and the iPod radio transmitter, they stole the thing strapped to my sun visor, which contained nothing but my registration and proof of insurance. Of course, both of them are worthless, and I wonder why someone would go to all that trouble for next to nothing.

Chris Pasley said...

Actually, one time I had just bought a new Monette trumpet ($4000), maybe three days before, and for the first time left it in my brother's car. Next morning what do I find? Car broken into, radio and amp stolen...$4000 trumpet left alone. Once again...thank God for stupid criminals.

Though I bet in your case they thought you might have an emergency credit card in there.